Yilang Peng is an Esports player for the organisation Team Liquid in the North American League of Legends Championship Series.
Yilang is commonly illustrated in a anime style for most of his promotional materials. For this portrait I wanted to try illustrate Yilang within a semi-anime inspired style that took inspiration from both Japanese and Western influences. I believe the style I developed for this pixel art piece has a nice mix of the two, while still keeping Yilang recognizable.

An example of some of the anime inspired promotional material already made based on Yilang Peng "Doublelift".

To complete the piece Yilang's team logo was drawn within pixel art and placed in the background. To have the logo still retain that crisp look little manual anti-aliasing was used. The overall reason to why black and white was chosen as the colour scheme was because it's a throwback to when Yilang first joined Team Liquid and wore a black and white version of the jersey.
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